"Don't you know your secret 's safe with me. All your worries can be put to sleep."

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Chicago Blackhawks + Urban Dictionary (inspiration)

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Is it October Yet? 
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"The point of fics set in alternate universes are to show that no matter what setting or circumstance, these two people will always find each other. I will find you. Every me loves every you."

—Me ranting to Tati (tsuritamagotchi) two nights ago (via deimosluna)
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jamie benn does his thing (⊙‿⊙✿)

tyler seguin has to hastily leave the room, his mom just, uh, called it’s like a cat emergency, she needs him to—ohgod who put that pole there, no he’s okay, he’ll be fine, god pull it together segs

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Vance Joy
God Loves You When You're Dancing
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riptide // vance joy

i was scared of dentists and the dark
i was scared of pretty girls and starting conversations
oh, all my friends are turning green
you’re the magician’s assistant in their dreams

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I won’t say what I’m sure y’all are thinkin

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aries: bro ho

taurus: realest ho

gemini:  fake ho

cancer: sensitive ho

leo: cool ho

virgo: bitch ho

libra: smart ass ho

scorpio: best ho

sagittarius: chill ho

capricorn: bitter ho

aquarius:  crazy ho

pisces:  magical ho

why are these so real

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me when I wake up

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Buffalo Sabres (ft. Hoppy) + urban dictionary

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Anaheim Ducks + urban dictionary (insp.)

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↳ (27-34/—) dallas stars | 2013-14

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